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Last updated on: 17th May 2022

Payment processing partner: Razorpay (Razorpay Software Private Limited) 


We at Lazy Bums Apparel Private Limited are committed to making your shopping experience with us fully secure, hassle-free and safe. Shopping at is 100% private and safe, while also being very convenient. To start with, WE DO NOT COLLECT OR STORE YOUR CREDIT CARD/BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION AT ALL.

Internet banking and debit/credit card payments are processed by Razorpay, India's leading payment gateway provider. It uses best-in-class encryption technologies to ensure that your credit card number does not fall into unsafe hands as it travels on the internet. You would be asked for your 3 or 4-digit CVV (Credit Verification Value) number on your debit/credit card. This is a 3-digit number that follows your debit/credit card number and is given at the back of the card to ensure that the person entering the card number has the physical card with him/her.  We have adopted a range of security measures to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. In particular, we will:

  • never contact you by email only to advise a change of bank account details, payment arrangements or other contact details;

  • require an additional telephone, or in-person verification of the payee's bank account details prior to making any trust account payment, refund or funds transfer to you or a third party;

  • require additional telephone or in-person verification for any change of bank account or contact details.

Prior to actioning any outgoing payment or transaction (whether or not the transaction involves trust account funds and regardless of the amount of the transaction), we reserve the right to:

  • seek and obtain independent verification of payment details and client instructions; and

  • decline to action any transaction if the independent verification is not met to our satisfaction.


Once payment is received, your purchase will be scheduled to be completed and you will receive an email to that effect. For any queries related to payments, please email us at



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